Are you struggling to Teach-Work-Live-Parent from Home?

The Covid-19 pandemic made teachers transition to distance learning overnight. Maia has written a quick-read book with practical methods of organization for teachers working from home.

Best selling author and teacher Maia Heyck-Merlin has decades of experience in helping teachers create personalized systems to stay on track, get organized, and be happy.

Why Should You Buy this Book Today?

Maia has dedicated her life to improving the lives of educators. She presents to sold-out audiences who leave with practical tools and systems to be more effective as teachers.

Her insights and strategies have been adapted to the unique situation of teaching from home during this pandemic.

What You Will Learn

  • Set up your space and stuff at home!
  • Design your vision of an Ideal (Pandemic) Week.
  • Create a flexible to-do list for the week
  • Pause to plan each week in advance
  • Figure out how to work and teach from home while living with others
  • Adapt our planning, grading, and online classroom routines
  • Stay connected with students, families and colleagues
  • Gain tips and tricks for maintaining motivation

The Together Templates!

We welcome you to select whatever tools will best support your Togetherness: paper planners, digital calendars, notebooks, or our Together Templates. Our Together Templates are customizable to design your own Weekly Worksheet based on your unique needs.

Weekly Worksheet Templates
Access our standard Together Teacher templates as well as new versions created by teachers for their work-from-home lives.

Meeting With Myself Templates
Download our classic Together Teacher templates as well as sample daily rituals.

Featured Samples
Explore pictures of teachers’ work-from-home workspaces and tools.


Maia Heyck-Merlin

Maia Heyck-Merlin has twenty years of experience juggling high-volume roles in results-oriented organizations. For the past decade, she has dedicated her life to supporting teachers, school leaders, central offices, and nonprofits to prioritize, plan ahead, and execute efficiently — while maintaining flexibility, empathy, and humor. Her previous two books, The Together Teacher and The Together Leader have helped hundreds of educators in school systems such as Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, the KIPP Schools network, Jackson Public Schools, Building Excellent Schools, Salem Public Schools, and dozens more. Prior to the pandemic, she traveled almost every week to teach Togetherness.

Prior to founding The Together Group, she served as Chief Talent Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Achievement First. Previously, she worked at Teach For America in a variety of capacities, including Executive Director and Institute Director. Maia began as a corps member in South Louisiana where she taught fourth grade for and was named Teacher of the Year at Delmont Elementary and selected as a Fulbright Memorial Fund recipient, and then was a founding fifth grade teacher at Children’s Charter School.

Maia holds a B.A. in Child Development from Tufts University, and she is proud graduate of a rural Maine public school system. Maia currently resides in the Washington, DC, area with her two elementary school age children, two unruly cats, and a lot of house plants. In her spare time, she finds joy in leading the local Girl Scout Troop, being a lazy triathlete, and vegan-ish cooking with as few pots and pans as possible.


Take a Together Course

Join us for other virtual courses for teachers, school leaders, operations staff, and nonprofit teams! Maia has transferred her joyous nature and effective engagement strategies to an online course that feels refreshing, productive, and fun!

Watch a Recorded Course

In this quick 45 minute class, watch Maia and hundreds of teachers chat about planning a week, setting up your space, and creating (nicely) boundaries. The book follows up with dozens of additonal templates, samples, and photos of teachers making it work — from home!

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